We are the pioneer of the new professional Organic Wet Cleaning System in Ohio. We excel in customer service, treatment of garments, and the improvement of environment all at once. Owner Charlie and Sue's 20- year experience in the garment cleaning industry contributes toward your garments with utmost care and exceptional quality.

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What is Organic Cleaning?

At its heart, this is a great thing. What’s better than a cleaner world, safer products, and food and water that are truly pure?

Why Organic Cleaning?

Non-Toxic & Chemical Free, Safe for your clothing, Soft to the touch, Fresh clean scent, Kind to sensitive skin, Removes stains, Environmentally friendly!

Dry vs Wet Comparison

So are there even differences between the two methods? You will be pleasantly surprised...!

Services, Hours, Location

What can we clean? Where are welocated? When are we open? We can answer that for you here.

Friendly service, closed Sundays, non-toxic organic cleaning, reasonable prices. No frills service with a smile. Oh, and it's right in my neighborhood... Can one complain? -frequent customer-